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Daylight & Sunlight Amenity

Daylight & Sunlight Amenity Studies consider levels of light received within neighbouring properties, proposed developments and external spaces such as parks or playgrounds. The requirement for the production of these reports to accompany planning applications is increasing as our built environment grows and due to a heightened awareness of social and environmental issues, evident throughout the UK’s National Planning Policy Framework. Again, of particular interest for our commercial clients is the ability for maximising the development potential of sites.

 BRE Report 209: Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight is the most common form of guidance used to consider this subject. In working closely with a project team we use specialist industry standard software to undertake analysis then compile reports, presenting the data and providing commentary on the results. Our team have experience in compiling studies for schemes across the UK and an appreciation of the nuances between one local authority and another for this subject.

 As well as advising developers, Rapleys provide a Daylight & Sunlight Amenity Study reviewing service to Local Authorities.