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Party Walls

If you are undertaking work on a shared boundary or in close proximity to one then it is possible that the provisions of the Party Wall Etc Act 1996 will apply. From the identification of relevant neighbours (Adjoining Owners) to serving notice and the negotiation of Party Wall Awards, Rapleys have experience working on schemes with multiple parties and representatives involved, getting agreements in place, on time, enabling development to proceed.

The Party Wall Act is an enabling act and this aligns with Rapleys ethos of finding practical solutions to get things done. Several colleagues within our team are members of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club – an organisation that promotes excellence in the field of Party Wall Practice. We have developed slick work processes in order to deliver an efficient high quality service.

We also act for Adjoining Owners to neighbouring development who have been served Party Wall Notices and in addition, we also act in the role of Third Surveyor. We operate across the UK and deal with all property types.